Fair representation (of your product)

Fair representation (of your product)

Have you ever seen a photo of something that looked truly amazing, only to find in reality it did not meet your expectations? I suppose we could be talking about online dating, but for the purposes of this post, let?s refer to a service-oriented product. I am on a realtor email list that sends updates on homes for sale in my area, and I recently received information on a particular house that sounded interesting. When I clicked on the photos, this is an example of what I saw:

From this picture, it appears as though the sink is as wide as a bathtub and the toilet is as low as a person’s ankles. There is nothing realistic about this photo, and I’m sure the realtor or the seller decided to utilize some Photoshop magic to make it appear wider and bigger.

It begs the question, are you fairly representing your product online and in print ads for promotional material? Does your hotel really have views of the Washington Monument, or was it inserted into photos? Years ago, a hotel I worked at was undergoing a renovation of the garage entrance. Because the photo shoot could not be rescheduled, the photographer literally made the entrance disappear and replaced the open spot with a brick wall and plants.

Be truthful and set appropriate expectations to alleviate real-time disappointments on site. While the marketing team may not be in the direct line of complaints, the front office will appreciate your honesty.