Evolution of the GM

Evolution of the GM

HOTELS’ first issue of 2011 will include a feature story on how the role of the hotel general manager has changed over the past 20 years, and dramatically so over the last decade.

The traditional route of coming up through food and beverage is almost dead and gone. Time spent facing the customer has been reduced, as so much more time today has to be spent on owner relations, revenue management and sales and marketing activities. 

GMs have to check TripAdvisor reviews, negotiate with their asset manager and figure out how to handle Gen Y staff members more than spend time schmoozing good customers in the lounge.

A hotel school curriculum now resembles an MBA program more than a hospitality education.

GMs reading this blog: What do you have to say? How much has your job become about running numbers? Are you stuck behind a desk and paying a price for not being free to be the face of your hotel? We are curious about your feedback and might even quote you in the story. Please, tell me if I am right or exaggerating.