Everything a hotel should be

Everything a hotel should be

I am now back in the office feeling dazed and confused. Who are all these people? What do they want of me? And the big question?why am I doing this? I adore my job with a passion, but I guess the danger of a perfect, restful?indeed blissful holiday?is that one?s brain is wiped clean of all that went before. Although one returns rested and refreshed?and a slightly different color?one has not the vaguest idea of how to start the motor again. At least, I don?t.


One of the many joys of our annual holiday in southwest France (we have taken the same house with friends for five years) is the small hotel we found roughly halfway down in which to spend one night to break the journey. It is a pure delight and my favorite hotel in all the world.


I won?t tell you how we found it, or where it is because I don?t want you to go there. It is perfect as it is and further popularity would spoil it for us. Selfish, I know, but I don?t care.


The rooms are comfortable without being grand; traditional in character but gently so. The whole interior has been assembled rather than designed. The water is hot, the sheets are clean, the staff are utterly wonderful, and the food!!!


The food is sensational in its simplicity. It is strictly a bed, breakfast and dinner operation. There is no menu. One simply eats what the chef has prepared and it is utterly delicious. All the ingredients are sourced locally and the vegetables travel a few feet from the hotel?s kitchen garden. Breakfast is a delight of fresh bread, fresh pastries, homemade jams and the best coffee I?ve had anywhere in the world. All in all, it?s the encapsulation of everything a hotel should be.  A standard and an experience all hotels should aspire to provide yet, truth be told, few reach. 

Finally, it?s wonderfully affordable. On our way down in July, one night?s stay for two, including room, dinner with wine and breakfast came to ?280.00 (US$368). Beat that!


I hope you enjoy the few happy snap photographs I took which, not being a brilliant photographer with my new iPhone, are but a poor illustration of the magic we enjoy every year.