Enter HOTELS’ Social Hotel Awards program

Enter HOTELS’ Social Hotel Awards program

With all the attention being paid to social media and all the head-scratching going on to understand how to best use these mediums, HOTELS has decided to recognize the best at mastering Twitter, Facebook, video, online reputation management and more by launching the Social Hotel Awards.

I urge you to enter this free program and win the admiration of your peers. To submit your entries, go to If you have any questions, you can contact me directly at [email protected].

We have assembled an esteemed list of judges from the likes of Google, Digital Royalty and other names you might know to choose winners in 10 categories. To make it a fair playing field, we will have both chain and independent winners in each category. You will be judged on results, creativity, quality and clarity.

The winners will be chosen this summer, and a major feature about the winners will appear this fall — both in print and as a series on our website.

My hope is by bringing attention to the best in class, we will all learn about what it takes to succeed in the social media marketing arena, and that it will provide hoteliers with ideas for further developing their own programs.

I am very excited to review the entries, encourage you to enter as many categories as you can and wish you good luck to win the first of what I expect to become the annual Social Hotel Awards.