Enjoying my point of view

Enjoying my point of view

From my office window I am looking out onto one of Hamburg?s many canals and, just opposite our office, a very little ?park? where dozens of people lie on their blankets, relax and get a suntan. Children play around them, bicycle riders stop for a moment to enjoy the scene, and canoes float by on the canal. On the street, hundreds of cars and pedestrian pass by ? sometimes it can be quite busy.

Somehow? it seems to be a perfect SPA! It looks like perfect harmony! In reality though, there are no divan beds – just blankets, lots of cars, exhaust fumes, people passing by ? everybody can watch the girls on their blankets, loud noises fill the air, the sun is far too hot and people even share their piece of urban freedom with cigarette butts and dog doo-doo? all with no chance to find a cool drink! Yet people like it ? in fact, they love it! It is their perspective of a perfect summer spa.


But? would this also be a designer?s perspective for a hotel spa? Hopefully not! It is indeed a question of perspectives!


In my blog I will try to change my points of view.  Maybe I will take on the subject of hotel design through the eyes of a brand manager, or a Russian investor, a German major from a little village, a hotel manager, or a designer – maybe I could even adopt the perspective of a potential guest.


Design trends can sharpen the profile of a designer as well as that of a hotel brand ? some are just fashionable for a season, others can be cutting-edge, and a few of them wind-up being accepted by the majority. So while hotel design can attract guests, it can also scare them away. Whether the interior elements are artificial or natural, light or dark, colourful or monochromatic, plain or full-of-pattern, straight or curved – good design always happens in the eye of the beholder and is a question of each person?s perception. Therefore, I believe it would be interesting to see the world from different angles and change perspectives now and then.


As my profession is interior design, my blog will probably concentrate on design themes – but I do not want to limit ?Design Zeitgeists? to only the subject of interior design ? sometimes people on a blanket in the city center just might draw my attention to their perspective about life.