Empowerment: The secret weapon

I learned early in my career as I was managing different brands and different-sized hotels that I cannot always be on property to handle any issues that might arise. I realized quickly that proper training was critical, but even with proper training, I was still missing something big. 

One night after receiving several phone calls from the front desk for a variety of silly issues, a thought hit me: “empowerment.” I must empower the team to make decisions on their own without any repercussions from me or anyone else in management. Taking well-trained employees and actually empowering them like a manager will give me the results and loyalty of having a manager on property 24 hours a day. 

At our hotel, we teach the 3 Ps of empowerment: power, protection and permission. Power to take care of issues, protection in whatever decision you make as long as it is legal and ethical, and permission to take care of guest issues that arise. Training and practicing the 3 Ps of empowerment will definitely increase guest loyalty and will help reduce employee turnover by providing more confident team members.