Emotional intelligence serves the guest

SOP Customer Satisfaction is a concept the hospitality industry has used as the standard for years, but EQ, emotional intelligence, may one day supplant it as the norm. I recently read an article by Peter McAlpine describing a change from the typical robotic satisfaction concept to a new energetic guest experience. McAlpine says hoteliers “would be wise to start studying thought energy and heart energy, and figure out how to apply ancient knowledge and quantum science to increasing the vibration of the guest experience in their properties.” This idea resonated with me as I thought about the way we train our staff.

Some luxury hotel and spa operators have told me they now base their guest experience on emotional hospitality. A few even consider this one of the most important areas to look at and rate, as this is what makes the biggest difference in not only hospitality and luxury service, but in the hotel or spa.

It comes down to how the guest feels. How do you feel after each interaction with staff? Do you feel heard? Does the hotel anticipate your particular needs, and is it tuned in to how you want things? The guest experience is, after all, largely about how guests feel around us. 

Having lived and worked in Sedona, Arizona, for more than 10 years, I have seen many instances of how empathy and heartfelt kindness from our team greatly affects our guests’ experience. For example, at Mii amo, a destination spa, some guests on our signature Journeys are embarking on a new stage of life. In these cases, it is especially important that our staff utilizes emotional hospitality to connect with them.

I think emotional hospitality is how we will be rated by our guests in the near future, and maybe energy will play a part. What are your thoughts?