E-commerce on steroids

There was a revamped food offering, new packaging, additional options to an already expansive menu and let’s not forget the well-publicized collaboration with Oprah. Yet even with these massive attempts to remain relevant, some are saying Starbucks has only “just begun” with yet another offensive strategy with plans to deliver coffee directly to your desk!

Call it what you want, but today’s consumer shift of wanting everything faster and more conveniently via apps is off the chart. With the likes of Instacart, Drizly, Postmates, Uber and Amazon leading the way to this trend of a more convenient way of life, the afternoon coffee run may be the next thing of the past if indeed Starbucks gets its way.

Granted, when you factor in the decline of retail foot traffic as well as the countless competitors in the fast-food sector offering their own spin on a good cup of coffee, a massive plan of attack may have been needed. But the overall fascination with faster and more convenient services summoned by apps is the trend behind most companies working in the same offensive mode as Starbucks.

What application could you not live without, and are there any that you have found that would assist a service hotels offer to guests? 

And for a general point of interest, do you foresee yourself utilizing an app to have coffee delivered straight to your desk? Personally, I look forward to hearing what the minimum will be for a delivery as this will be what makes or breaks my desire to participate.

Look forward to hearing from you!