Dropping names

I am not a big name-dropper, but I am in the business of identifying talent. I know it when I see it.

Well, Jonathan Tisch is the man! I know Jonathan is well respected by everyone in our business. His family has done much for the expansion and voice our industry has on Capitol Hill as well as Wall Street. But in my mind what makes him great is on display every morning at breakfast. I was at the Regency the other morning, and like clockwork, Jonathan was working the room, interacting with the titans of New York business and guests alike. He was there to say hello, thank them for their business and make introductions — a very powerful combination. I know the big money is in real estate and finance, but it was great to see there is still a time and place for real hospitality. Jonathan reminds me of the many reasons I got into this business in the first place:

  • Taking care of people comes first.
  • Showing customers a good time is what we do.
  • The power of a strong network goes a long way toward having success.
  • Teams and partnerships are critical to our personal and professional relationships.
  • Hospitality is a team game.
  • Passion is not a catch phrase; it’s how you live your life.
  • Giving back is a part of success.
  • Service to others is what really matters — not the number of $0’s on your paycheck.
  • Family is your legacy.