Don’t sleep on this idea

Don’t sleep on this idea

When was the last time your showed creativity in your job? Is your current professional environment preventing you from fully expressing yourself, and if so, are your bosses potentially leaving money on the table by inhibiting your true expressions?

On New Year’s Day, my family and I went out for a late morning meal in Reston, Virginia, and noticed a couple coming out of a nearby restaurant dressed in nighttime garb, with slippers and all! As we enjoyed our lunch, we noticed another family exiting the same restaurant, also wearing their pajamas. 


At this point, we were all intrigued enough to stop into the restaurant (Mon Ami Gabi, advertised as a classic French bistro) to find out why so many people were dressed in this manner. Apparently, the promotion went this way: If diners came dressed in their pajamas to brunch, they would receive a gift certificate equal to the price of their brunch on that day for a future visit. Brilliant!!

Not only were they able to convince people to come early to brunch and make reservations early, they received great local press on the event and “word-of-slipper” advertising via the numerous people that were stopped exiting the restaurant. The promotion was successful enough that the restaurant is offering it for Valentine’s Day also. 

Are you giving traditional site inspections these days? Do your proposals look like every other proposal from the competition? Challenge yourself, be a little different and see if your results improve! If your office’s dress code allows for it, wear pajamas to work, and see what happens!