Does the sticky note still exist?

The origin of the 3M product, the Post It, is a legendary example of innovation still relevant to learn today. When you send a document with a sticky note (the generic name for the non-3M branded version), it allowed for the sender to contextualize the content to what the note was stuck. For instance, a resume with a personalized sticky note from a colleague or friend would draw attention to it among potentially hundreds in a pile. 

As hard copies fade and electronic copies become ubiquitous in recruiting, the email with an attached resume became a replacement for the sticky note with “request.” Ultimately, the endorsement that comes with the personalization offered in the sticky-note should remain intact. An ask or referral meant something when someone took the time to write the note, albeit it could be removed. Today with social media networking edging out emails in some circles, is a private message a sticky note substitution? 

A few years back, fellow blogger Larry Mogelonsky wrote about the handwritten note and it garnered a flurry of comments because it resonated to so many of us. It is difficult in the one dimensional world of digital communications to make relationships more “sticky.” Networking, in all its forms, accelerated by social media, is effective when it builds meaningful relationships. 

How do see the networking changing?  Is the gravitas of the sticky-note losing traction?