Do you tidy up your room before checking out?

Working in hospitality really gives you the chance to come across all kinds of people, to see how people are different from country to country and how many different personalities are out there. Different personalities convert into different type of guests, and we hoteliers — diving every day into this amazing melting pot — fully experience each characteristic, each habit. There’s the guest who wants to keep his distance and the guest who wants to chat. There’s the “difficult” guest and the guest who will love every bit of your hotel and the service of your staff. This is what is exciting about this world.

One of the most interesting things to notice about guests are the different ways in which they relate to us. Who says guests expect nothing but to be served when arriving at a hotel? A recent survey has actually investigated this topic, revealing that a great percentage of British guests would carry their bags up to their room themselves rather than asking the porter to do so and that they would even avoid using the bathrobes or all the towels in their room. But this is not all —the survey found that many guests actually tidy up their room before checking out, and some of them even make the bed!

In the same way our guests who look for top service when visiting a hotel, we hoteliers always appreciate when our guests show respect for our team in return — it’s rewarding. However, it’s crucial to note that a 5-star property is all about service, about enhancing guests’ experience in the best way possible.

So, industry colleagues, do you tidy up your room when you depart? Do you take the nice toiletries home with you? After all, you have paid for them!