Do you care if Lance Armstrong cheated?

Do you care if Lance Armstrong cheated?

If he is guilty, does it really matter? He was able to raise millions of dollars through his foundation to fight the battle against cancer. Some are saying that perhaps the drugs he “apparently” was taking actually may have been the initial cause of his cancer in the first place. Regardless, does it matter that he may have used a substance to overcome tremendous odds to win the Tour de France a record seven consecutive times? You would receive different opinions from his teammates, opponents, sponsors, family and his country.

In our industry, is it cheating:

When you know in advance the date when the “inspector” with the health department or travel rating guide is coming to visit your establishment?

When a newly hired salesperson brings a copy of his or her client list from a former job?

What if you get the highest travel guide rating and steal business from the competition? Is it cheating, and do you care?

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