Do me a favor

Have you ever been asked by others to help with a favor request? Is the only time you hear from these people when they need something? How do they react when you need a favor they can provide?

I have a terrific friend that graduated from Penn State with me that sends amusement park tickets to my family through his job every summer. I don’t even ask … he just sends them, as he gets a small allotment each year for personal use. I’ve said on numerous occasions that he should let me know if I can help him in any way. To this day, he has not yet taken me up on my offer. (Thank you, Ted!)

Also, I never mind helping people when they truly appreciate the gesture and when they don’t expect it. Years ago, I helped a friend’s daughter by reviewing her resume. She continues to thank me via e-mails and keeps me updated on her career progression. I know she truly appreciated the help.

Show your appreciation so others are happy to continue helping should there be a next time. Be a giver, not a taker, and let others do for you as you deserve, not as you request.

How do you show your appreciation when others help you? Do you always say “yes” when others ask for your help? Is there a polite way to say “no”?