Digital disruption has already happened

There has been a lot of talk about digital disruption recently. It used to take years and even decades for industries to morph and change as dramatically as they do today. Now, change has been happening faster and faster. Think how long it took the Apple iPod to replace CD’s but look how quickly NetFlix made Blockbuster irrelevant. Uber and Airbnb seem to come out of nowhere. Our industry has changed dramatically over the past decade with just a few examples: the advent of Airbnb, the growth of OTA’s taking over our distribution channels and Tripadvisor becoming the hotel ratting agency. 

We need to be ahead of the curve with our differentiators as most of the disruptor companies in our field grew organically. Imagine how quickly change will happened once Apple and Google start their own booking platforms or offering a travel based points program. As an industry, we cannot stop the digital disruption but we can differentiate our industry through the products and services we offer our guests. We can out service, out cook and out guide them with the service and amenities the others cannot offer our guests.

I have receive the quote below several times over the last month. I believe it makes you think that we need to be looking forward to how we can very quickly as the next big change to our industry may not have even been thought of yet but it does not mean it won’t happen soon: