Dessertland trends

Ninety-nine percent of American consumers eat dessert and 70% do so at least once a week — a significant increase from the 57% of consumers who reported eating dessert weekly just three years ago!

It’s clear dessert present a strong opportunity for hotels looking to boost F&B sales, but over the past few years, there has been a wild pinball machine-like movement with extremely safe “themes” versus the offering of “let’s skip dinner and get to the dessert” type of options. Think about it as you review these recent dessert trends: mini desserts, dessert samplers and trios, combo meals with a bite of dessert, healthy desserts, local sourcing, creative cakes, cheesecake reinvented, all things chocolate and ethnic desserts. 

These very not-specific dessert options leave this particular blogger in a yadda-yadda land wondering what is next. Specifically speaking, the rise and fall of the cupcake followed by the peek-a-boo mini bundt cake moment and a donut reinvented as a crossbreed, thanks to a NYC based pastry chef creation known as the cro-nut, are all but over. 

Pastry chefs across the country are rapidly experimenting with Nutella, creating almost unimaginable vegetable-centric desserts such as onion chocolate tarts allowing random new entries such as popcorn to inch its way into Dessertland.  But something is still missing.

So after some very enjoyable R&D, I found two specific desserts pulsing with potential, infact both could leap outside their respected birthplaces, (one in Southern California; the other in Scotland), as they are two simple yet profound classics Americans yearn for.

Traditional round cookies served with a glass of traditional milk felt a bit “too-yesterday,” at least until I found a modern take on the classic. Imagine an edible shot glass molded cookie filled with milk-on-tap! The dessert has Southern California packing on some serious post-summer poundage as lines form for what’s being tabbed as the Dirty Cookie.

Initially, it felt like the hardest cookie ever created, but I learned the rock hard feeling is intentional so it can hold milk without leakage or collapsing.

The inner wall and lip of a Dirty Cookie is coated with chocolate, which keeps the cookie perfectly moist. In fact, this promising franchise-to-be will refund what is close to a US$5 per cookie investment if your cookie ever leaks at any point during consumption. (This alone was worth the investment confirm the policy!)

The milk shots vary from traditional, almond, chocolate and vanilla cream while the cookies range from chocolate chip, cookies n’ cream or red velvet. And, if the size of a shot glass cookie appears too petite for your liking, the shape is actually deceiving as the dough prior to being baked is enough for a 5-inch diameter cookie that’s a quarter of an inch thick. Lines too long to count, Dirty Cookies are about transforming America’s love of cookies and milk into an any-age goes dream dessert and trust me, someone is onto something very trend worthy.

The next dessert is still in testing mode and to jump to the chase is relatively simple but loved by most. Imagine an ice cream that melts slower?! Too good to be true?

A team of researchers from the University of Edinburgh Scotland discovered something Ice Cream devotees will appreciate.  By adding a naturally occurring protein which goes by BsIA, they were able to bind together the air, fat and water in ice cream which gives it an ultra-smooth consistency keeping it solid longer and for ice cream addicts, this could be a dream come true.

I’ll keep an eye on its progress but in the interim, have you randomly discovered a new dessert concept that you feel is worthy of a shout out for readers with either a sweet-tooth or a desire to boost F&B sales?