Design your own burger … design the ultimate hotel room!

Design your own burger ? design the ultimate hotel room!

In Germany, McDonald’s currently has a promotion, “Mein Burger,” featuring a different specialty sandwich every week that has been named after its winning inventor in a very personal hamburger design competition.

And in a similar vein, now it seems that the phemonenon of “crowdsourcing” using social media has even been extended into hotel design; Radisson Blu’s homepage offers guests the challenge to “design the ultimate hotel room” by creating mood boards with photos uploaded from Flickr.

Of course in this case, it is only a promotional campaign, but just imagine the opportunities! Instead of merely choosing the usual room size and ticking the boxes for smoking or non-smoking and double or twin beds, you could go on to pick the color of the curtains, your preference for either a chandelier or ceiling spotlights and even modern or traditional desks, chairs and lounge furniture.

What an amazing — or horrible — hotel design; you decide!

Quite often when a group of design experts is asked to create the guestroom of the future, the collective agreement is that it should be an adaptable space that automatically adjusts to the changing moods of its guests. Wall colors can change, personal photos or artwork would be projected, furniture configurations are flexible, ambient lights help improve one’s constitution and room service is carried out by a robot or delivered via a pneumatic tunnel linked directly to the kitchen!

So while the realization of this conceptual guestroom still requires technical innovations, sooner or later we will be at the stage where “everybody is a designer.” And since the treasure trove of guest preference data that Radisson Blu is collecting with this promotion can only help its future branding, perhaps it will be the first flag to make “Mein Guestroom” a reality.