Design in social networks

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest are all seen as “cool and trendy,” so I have tried to get our studio listed on as many of these social network sites as possible and started doing it relatively early on. As a result, we have more than 2,000 “friends” on Facebook and about 1,000 connections on LinkedIn. However, it took approximately a year for me to find our own projects on the Pinterest boards or Facebook news pages of other users (who were not direct friends).

It has been a fantastic learning experience. After seeing the connections of our own connections sharing our projects and thinking this through further, our social network could spread into the billions!

What is also interesting is the reaction I get to my blogs on this website. Although only a few people actually write a comment about my blogs, there are many more who tell me that they read them.

We have edited two books about hotel design, in small runs of 5,000 each, which have not sold out. It is a time-consuming and expensive way of marketing, although I do believe that if someone pays €39 (US$49) for a book it will have more weight than a “news” item discovered on the Internet for free.

Also, I know myself as a user that I will never make the time to read the many magazines and books piled on and around my desk. (It’s not that I don’t want to, but a guilty conscience prevents me from doing so during work hours!) On the other hand, I can now read hundreds of news items on the Internet every day. I see what clients and colleagues are posting and get spontaneous up-to-the-minute information about projects, trends and news, all tailored to my personal interests.