Defying the law of gravity

There’s something magical about suspended furniture. In fact, architect Robert Bernstein uses an accurate term for furniture that appears to be floating by referring to it as the “anti-wallflower design.” Sure, floating objects have been around, and yes, technically, anything can float. But in contrast, floating furniture quite often doesn’t swing or move, and in many cases, it’s sturdier than a rock! Most examples of “floating furniture” appear to defy the law of gravity and are just awesome. Let’s enjoy them!

Imagine walking into a hotel where everything is suspended in midair to the point of feeling as though you’re in a sci-fi movie. Dutch company Crealev (short for Creative Levitation Solutions) has been working on implementing and perfecting levitation technology that allows furniture, lamps and accessories to float. Apparently, how the process works is closely guarded, although my research hinted at the possible theory of magnetic forces. 

The Milan based Gray Hotel has tapped into this trend by suspending a mysterious and artistic set of floating steps. Designed by Florence architect Guido Ciompi — possibly as more of a photo opp than a functional stairway — the outcome has generated numerous media inquiries about the stairway’s actual engineering, making the piece a worthy investment! (For those curious minds, the consensus is the steps are cantilevered with the tread extending through the wall and welded to a steel support, then plastered to disguise the structure.)

If you’re interested in creating a single point of difference, there are several options to consider. For the guestroom, the round floating contemporary bed design — by Lago — is the real deal, as it truly floats with or without even a headboard.

A floating sideboard, meanwhile, will instantly open tight spaces and offer storage. 

With summer ahead, the innovative and luxurious design of the shaded canopy and hammock by Royal Botania is ideal for poolside, as it balances on a single leg, causing poolside curiosities and that unique feeling of the unexpected. 

And for warmth and ambiance, the indoor-outdoor portable fireplace appears as though it’s floating in space by employing a suspended burner.