Dedication or stupidity? The art of timing

Dedication or stupidity? The art of timing

On Saturday at 2 p.m., a few hours before Hurricane Irene hit the Washington, D.C., area, I was making last-minute preparations by trimming the loose branches from our trees. My neighbors also were getting ready for the winds by removing outdoor furniture, securing garbage cans and buying supplies. 

I noticed two gentlemen — one wearing a political endorsement T-shirt — walking door to door with clipboards and brochures. After they hit three houses, I suggested that perhaps they do this at a different time, as Hurricane Irene would be approaching our area very soon. One man said that it is his “civic duty” to go door to door, and that I should “mind my own business.” They stated that they had already taken care of their families and they were prepared. I suggested that they allow other families to be able to do the same. Finally, they heeded my advice and left our neighborhood as the skies turned black.  

The question remains: Was this a sign of dedication to their political candidate or sheer stupidity?

Have you ever made solicitation calls to customers on a snow-delayed Monday morning? Would you telemarket to a New Orleans-based organization on Mardi Gras? Do you condone their efforts?