Crossing the road while listening for electric cars

Crossing the road while listening for electric cars

Technology has changed things. Some perceive these changes as positive, while others tend to view them as negative. 

Last evening, my son and I were crossing a road in our neighborhood, and I watched to see if as a 12-year-old, he would look both ways before crossing the street. He did not, and I asked him why. He said that he would be able to hear them coming, until he thought about electric cars. He realized that electric cars were much more quiet than regular cars, and he would now have to change his process (and truly look both ways)  to be safe. When I was growing up, I did not have to worry about listening for electric cars before crossing any streets.  

In our industry, technology is also changing the way we do business. From a sales perspective, customers are transacting business sometimes without even speaking to sales people. New lead distribution systems like StarCite and Cvent allow consolidated, expedited communication. Sometimes, these systems also deliver messages of “do not contact client.” 

How are we as salespeople able to develop and foster relationships without being allowed to talk to customers? What are you doing as professionals to combat the forced sterilization of hospitality sales?

Finally, I am experimenting with technology and have just created a Twitter account. Reader response will be a true testament to how this functionality works in our new society! Become a follower, and I will be giving updates on progress.