Creating the perfect lifestyle suites in Pakistan

Several years ago while brainstorming names for our new rooms and suites and listening to Michael Jackson’s energetic 70s hit “ABC” on the radio, I came up with my own ABC: Avari Business Class.

I then developed the concept and brand, which became known as Avari World Traveler and now is our most popular economy-class room type, but best of all, I created a new concept for our ultra-modern suites, which I branded as Avari Lifestyle Suites.

My reason for giving the new suites the Lifestyle tag was because I intended to offer a choice of personal fitness machines in each suite — treadmill or elliptical trainer or a rowing machine in addition to yoga mats, in-room massage, reflexology, special natural spa toiletries, essential oils, aromatherapy, manicure, pedicure, hairstyling and personalized in-room menus based upon each guest’s personal preference to include spa cuisine from Thailand, calorie counters from around the world and local Pakistani ethnic dishes, minus the fat content. The refreshment centers would also offer the finest fresh fruits, fresh juices, diet drinks, mineral waters, soya milk, energy bars, energy drinks, a selection of herbal and fruit teas, and the finest coffee selection brewed to order at the touch of a button. 

Unfortunately, due to capital constraints and other priorities with greater ROI potential, the personal fitness units were not purchased for the ABC suites, which was somewhat disappointing for me and for many of my guests, as there had been an overwhelmingly enthusiastic response from my focus group when the idea was first put forward.

Now six years later, I am being deluged with requests from the same male and female business travelers who would prefer to work out in the privacy of their rooms and suites, so we are now considering purchasing several of these lightweight portable “lifestyle exercise units” along with the services of a personal fitness trainer, whom we call our Lifestyle Fitness Butler.

After discussing the plan with my focus group, several of them said some of the guests asking for this facility may be a little out of shape, and as such do not feel comfortable in a gym surrounded by sweaty lean bodies, while others said that they simply wanted the freedom and privacy to run free in their underwear (and why not) or even less, and others said that exercising in their rooms would relieve stress and boredom while allowing them to catch up with the latest international news or while enjoy a movie. Others, mostly from foreign embassies and consulates, cited security concerns as their main reason for not visiting the gym, which is also open to local members.        

I must admit that as someone who runs 5 km within five minutes of waking up each day and another 5 km to 10 km each evening in the privacy of my hotel apartment (for security reasons) while listening to some delightfully soothing classical music, or while Skyping with my family live on the large screen right in front of the treadmill, I am fully committed to this healthy initiative, which will hopefully result in the creation of a new niche market segment, much healthier and happier guests, much healthier revenues and profits and much happier owners.