Creating new experiences for your customers

Creating new experiences for your customers

I had pleasure of being in Toronto last week, where several of our top customers met for an introduction to a new property. The hotel came up with the idea of exposing the clients to a new experience: a helicopter tour over Niagara Falls that landed in an exclusive vineyard for a wine-tasting event. Of the 10 VIPs, nine of them had never been on a helicopter before.

There are certain expectations during site inspections that usually include great food and beverage. What else can your hotel provide that allows for exceptional experiences? Not every activity needs to be expensive either. 

  • This hotel created a special beverage by combining Aloe Root and Ginger Beer.  
  • The clients participated in a meeting that was completely paperless.  ?        
  • They sampled dry bits of olive oil from a silver spoon that was displayed in a laboratory setting.  
  • They squeezed small “eye droppers” filled with raspberry sauce into their mouths (shooter style), followed by a marshmallow covered with crispy chocolate coating into which the “eye dropper” was inserted.
By offering new experiences, we found that the customers were able to open up their imagination and provide even more ideas on what we as suppliers could offer to allow them to do their jobs better. Creativity bred creativity.

What unique things has your hotel done or created to stimulate new experiences for your guests?