Could you objectively review your boss?

I’m a Millennial. I’ve also worked in HR. Maybe that’s why I like the idea of a 360-degree peer review. But without a great organization already built on communication, honesty, support, mentorship, development and everything else, I have a hard time believing it would work well in most companies.

What is a 360-degree review? Essentially half your review is what’s typically covered in a performance appraisal — how you perform, where you can improve, goals, etc. Where’s the other 180 degrees? You’re then asked to review your peers (90 degrees) and even your boss (the last quadrant).

As you can imagine, this can be a great thing, offering well rounded, objective feedback that can result in actionable goals. On the other hand, it can create discomfort in the office, make people feel hurt, encourage lying or more. Do you tell the truth or not? How do you review the boss who signs your paycheck?

Have you implemented or been involved in a 360-degree review? What are the success factors? And what are some of the common problems?