Conversations with… my team about pizza and pancakes

Conversations with… my team about pizza and pancakes

That’s right, this week I want to share great stories about pizza and pancakes that are helping to inspire others on my team to think outside the box.

The hotel’s overnight bellman, Elias, was talking to a guest from the UK who loves pancakes. He told Elias that it is nearly impossible to find pancake mix in the UK and he loves making old fashioned American pancakes for his family on weekends. That night, Elias went out of his way to buy a big box of pancake mix and left it on the guest’s door with a note “to enjoy.” 

My other superstar this week took a call in roomservice asking if there was any true New York pizza on the menu, which there is not. Rather than disappoint the guest, the roomservice waiter went down the block and picked up a pizza pie for the guests. The guests in both stories were, needless to say, blown away by these thoughtful gestures.

Since there is really is no way I can bottle the kind of initiative these two associates have, we are going to do the next best thing.  Now, every daily 9 a.m. staff meeting will start with a “Pizza and Pancake” minute for department heads to share similar stories. I am making it a personal goal to inspire everyone on my team to have their own “pizza and pancake” moment, to be fearless in their pursuit to deliver exceptional service to each and every guest.

These kinds of guest experiences are priceless; they go so far beyond the actual cost of the pizza or pancakes. These are moments from which a reputation is made, and the value of that is exponential.