Conversations with… a guest

Conversations with… a guest

I always answer my phone. I know, sounds archaic in the digital age, but I still think the finest form of communication is a conversation. Precisely because of the digital world we live in, it is an opportunity to provide personalized attention to turn a complaint around, fulfill a special request or hear a great story. This summer I took a call from a guest that turned out to be one of those great stories…

A couple visiting New York City from Australia decided to get married. They approached the desk and asked GSA Khady for assistance. They looked around sheepishly and asked if they could make a strange request: would Khady be willing to witness their marriage the next morning at City Hall?

Flattered by the request, Khady was happy to do it, not mentioning that it would be on her personal time. The next morning, Khady went to City Hall with the guests to help them apply for a marriage license and later that afternoon she returned to City Hall to witness the ceremony. Afterwards, Khady arranged for celebratory champagne and chocolate strawberries to be sent to the now honeymooner’s room.

Floored by Khady’s eagerness to help them, the couple could not say enough great things about her and the service at The Benjamin to me (and publically on TripAdvisor). The couple gave Khady flowers and shared pictures of the special day with our staff. The hotel and Khady will forever be a memorable part of this couple’s lives together.

Khady has been at our hotel since opening, joining the team with no prior experience in hotels. What she did bring to the table was a willingness to serve people, a skill that flourishes in an environment in which she is encouraged to make decisions that provide memorable experiences. That is a skill that is hard to teach… and one I never tire of hearing about.