Conversations: The basis of guest intelligence

If hospitality is knowing, understanding and serving your guests, then increasing the quantity and quality of your conversations with guests is the key to improvement. Maybe these happen face-to-face or maybe they are digital interactions, but any “conversation” could be defined as having three parts:

  1. Something is said (or expressed).
  2. That is heard.
  3. The communicator knows his/her message was heard.

Mobile and wearable technology have significantly expanded hoteliers’ ability to understand and serve guests at each of these three points:

  1. Expression: Becoming more and more quick and seamless for guests
  2. Listening: Becoming faster and more manageable for hoteliers as more guest interactions are digital
  3. Confirmation: Internal coordination among hotel staff becomes easier to provide faster issue resolution back to the guest than ever before

Our culture of constant connection can provide you with unprecedented knowledge to provide more guest-centered hospitality. Feedback collection and analysis no longer has to be limited to a single post-stay survey — it can be based on several quick and simple digital interactions during the guest stay. The key is developing a constantly evolving, multi-channel strategy that covers all three conversation pieces. In a world of Amazon Prime Now, Uber and Square, your guests will increasingly expect no less.

How are you fostering more “conversations” and using those interactions to provide intelligent hospitality at your hotels? Let me know in the comments.