Conversation with… myself

Conversation with… myself

As the calendar gets ready to make the turn and we all get to pass go and collect our $200 again, it is time for that yearly ritual we call New Years resolutions. Here are mine:

Listen more. I will focus on listening more to my customers, my bosses, my mentors, my family but especially my team. I know I can become a better leader of people if I listen more to the ones that report to me. They are the ones that will teach me how to make my hotel more successful.

Take a few more risks. Nothing feels better than taking a risk that effects change in a positive way. We never know how far we can go without pushing the limit sometimes.

Perform random acts of kindness regularly. There are so many people that I meet everyday that are going through difficult times and that are worse off than me. I will try to help them if I can in my own way, plus positive karma is a great thing.

And the one I pick every January 1 and always will: to be a better husband, son and father. For my family is most important to me and without their support I would be lost.

Happy New Year everyone, wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful 2011.