Conversation with my team…

Conversation with my team…

Last week more than 75% of the country was in the midst of
the worst heat wave in 30 years. I, like so many others, was complaining
about how hot it was just going from my air-conditioned house to my car to
my office. Then I stopped complaining and started thinking about my team
and how difficult it must be on the floors for those cleaning 12 rooms each,
for those sorting linen and trash in the basement, flagging down cabs on the
street, and more.

My executive team was looking for ways to show our appreciation
while also having a little fun. One of our team members came up with a
great idea and picked up ice cream and ice pops and handed them out to our
associates in their work areas. The expressions of gratitude were
immediate and heartfelt.

Guests who saw this exchange got a huge kick out
of it, patting staffers on the back and remarking on how much they deserved
it. It was a strong bonding moment and took us all out of summer doldrums
to make us feel as if we were at a picnic someplace.

Granted, it was small gesture of appreciation, and maybe not
typical for a 4-star hotel, but with the temps breaking 100 degrees, it was
time to break the norm and put our staff first.

They certainly deserve it, along with our thanks, and more.