Conversation with … my Sleep Concierge

Conversation with … my Sleep Concierge

National Sleep Week (March 7-11) this year coincides with the 10th anniversary of The Benjamin’s Sleep Program. We take sleep so seriously at our hotel that we employ a Sleep Concierge, Anya, who has become a great resource to our travel-weary guests.

I have spent more than a few moments planning special Sleep Week activities with Anya over the last month, and I asked her what Sleep Week means to her. She offered these insights: 

“At their essence, hotels sell a good night’s sleep. We are one of the few businesses where our customers come in, pay us and leave with nothing physically in hand; they leave with memories of their experiences. It’s my job to ensure that The Benjamin provides the best night’s sleep possible ? the most critical amenity for guests, many of whom have important meetings the next day or are about to embark on sightseeing in the busiest city in the world. They need to awake refreshed and ready to go!”

What makes Anya truly special is that she has a full-time job as head concierge. We pride ourselves on having a dedicated team, but not everyone would wear the extra hat so readily. What drives Anya is seeing a well-rested guest the next morning, hearing how the recommended pillow changed their life or how a businesswoman with an infant at home had her first full night of sleep in weeks. When I hear this, it always reminds me that hotels are so much more than a commodity ? we truly can play an essential role in our guests’ lives. I’m so glad Anya is on my side.