Conversation with … my housekeepers

Conversation with ? my housekeepers

As International Housekeepers Week came to a close a few weeks ago, I sat down with some members of our housekeeping team and found ourselves asking why a week is designated to housekeepers and not to EVERY department in the hotel.

Well, we did a little math, and the results were an eye-opener.

In any given year, this is what one of our housekeepers averages at The Benjamin:

  • 3,640 beds changed
  • 3,120 bathrooms cleaned (a stranger’s bathroom, I might add)
  • Anywhere from 3,120 to 4,432 individual rooms vacuumed
  • 9,000 bath towels and 6,240 face cloths replaced 
  • 3,120 rooms dusted
This incredible amount of physical labor is why this group is called the “backbone” of a hotel. 

Truly, every department in the hotel has my undying appreciation, and I know each job has its difficulties, but as far as tough physical labor goes, sorry guys, housekeepers deserve to have a week in their honor. Don’t wait for Housekeepers Week to tell your housekeeping team how much they are appreciated for their hard work.