Conversation with … Bud

Conversation with ? Bud

The Benjamin recently launched a new website, and as part of the redo, we were able to add more depth to the “Our Story” section of the site.
In a nutshell, The Benjamin story started with a first-generation American, Benjamin “Bud” Denihan, who took over his father’s dry-cleaning business to become successful in real estate and hospitality. His guiding principles behind this success had one common denominator: “exceed the expectations of your customer every time.” He was relentless in his quest and demanded that his entire organization embrace this concept.
The hotel is named after a man who laid the groundwork of our hospitality company and who was known for ALWAYS exceeding the expectations of his customers. It is an equally powerful principle to guide my staff: Whenever I am advising or coaching my team, I remember for whom this hotel is named. We always ask our team, “Did our customer leave happy, and will they return and recommend us to others?” If yes, then we’re doing our jobs. When coaching and training our team to take ownership of issues and make decisions, this is the guiding principal: If the decision you are about to make will accomplish this goal, then make it!
There will always be room for improvement, and we’ll always have plenty of work to do, but I am confident that when my team has the power and authority to do what it takes to exceed expectations, they do. Thanks, Bud.