Conversation with… a neighbor

Conversation with… a neighbor

Being located a block away from a police precinct can have its advantages.  Over the years, I have built a friendly relationship with the community affairs division team, who have been wonderful neighbors and rapidly responsive if I ever needed assistance.

A few weeks ago, ?Jimmy? from community affairs came by to say hello and we began talking about preparations for the U.N. General Assembly, including street closures and the manpower hours required. Jimmy has always told us that if we need any assistance with deliveries, or parking during the GA, to just call and he?ll do his best to help.

I casually asked Jimmy what his plans were for the weekend and he told me he was taking his girlfriend to a show on Saturday night and then dinner. I had rooms available so invited him to make a night of it and stay at the hotel, no worries about driving home. (Quite frankly it was the least I could do considering how great he has been to our hotel over the years). He graciously ? and enthusiastically ? accepted and was all set. Throughout the weekend I received text messages from him thanking me, telling me how much they enjoyed it.

Since then I have received many calls from Jimmy’s co-workers and other local businesses in the neighborhood that Jimmy also has relationships with asking about reservations and the hotel in general. I realized that I should be regularly going out to visit my neighbors as they quickly could become an extension of my sales team. This neighborhood support will be even more important as we prepare to open a new restaurant. They become an extension of my sales team.

What better place to build strong word-of-mouth and a loyal following than in your own backyard.