Conversation with … a mystery guest

Conversation with ? a mystery guest

From the department of “you never know who you are talking to”: 

A couple from Canada traveled to New York City for a special occasion. He and his girlfriend were able to book their airfare and hotel using their credit card points program. The experience was very positive, and they both loved the hotel. After returning home, he was interviewed by a reporter at a Canadian newspaper about booking a vacation using points.

The positive experience at The Benjamin compelled him to mention the hotel to the reporter, and the story was then syndicated to several national newspapers. Canada is becoming a major market for New York City, so this kind of editorial exposure is invaluable to building positive awareness for the hotel. 
Thanks to my team for treating this guest so well. While it was business as usual for them, their exemplary service and high standards ensured a wonderful experience that, in turn, garnered truly meaningful exposure in an emerging market.
And it brings home a point I cannot stress enough: You never know who that guest is in front of you. Everyone who walks through your doors has the potential to become a promoter of your property. No guest interaction is too small … because you never know who you might be talking to.