Connectivity challenge

How many email messages do you receive on a typical day?  If you receive at least 100, I have a challenge for you to consider.

We all realize that service and connectivity to others is the driving force in our industry. The differentiators continue to be the people that are providing the service. As our world progresses, we also see the influx of technology. What can you do to ensure that technology allows greater connectivity to each other instead of creating barriers? 

Here is the challenge: How many email topics can you respond to by picking up the phone and calling someone?  

While there are different reasons for people to send you emails, think about the ones that would have an impact if you actually called. For example, someone shares that their daughter lost her first tooth… Anyone can send an email, but who actually calls?

I just listened to my own advice and called a team member who has family in the midst of the East Coast storm. Invaluable… he appreciated it and I’m glad I connected!

Take the challenge. (So far my record is 17 phone calls with about half requiring me to leave a message). Post your goal in the comments.

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