Communication and teamwork reminder

When working in the hospitality business, you obviously interact with guests frequently. Therefore, it is imperative that team members master superior communication and teamwork skills. We must be able to institute efficient and clear communication with guests and make sure we are addressing all needs.  Training our team members extensively to relate to our guests and to anticipate their needs will go a long way. 

Along with communication, teamwork is also vital as our guests interact with our team members from the moment they walk through the door. Our team members need to be able to work together and serve our guests as a team.

It is important that the entire team remembers that working in the hospitality business means you are working as a team, and becoming an effective team player is essential for the success of not only the team, but also of the business as a whole. No one is working just for the benefit of an individual or for a manager. Every member of the team — no matter what position — contributes to the realization of the hospitality business’ main goal, which is to provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee for our guests.