Clap your hands

I am writing this post from Sarasota, Florida, just moments before I board a plane to return home. My life lesson for the week came from the appreciation received from some very special clients. Customers left our event and said the experience inspired them to go back to their office to be creative again. Another form of flattery occurred when our guests took photos of each and every food display. 

They commented that their lives are so busy back home they don’t have time to think, let alone find a moment to be creative or strategic. They said in a mere two days we changed their perspective and they would be forever grateful. This message was presented so sincerely there were almost tears of appreciation.

One international guest from Belgium brought a selection of chocolates that he shared with those who impacted his visit as a way of saying thank you. He wanted others to experience one of his favorite things from home, just as the hotel team shared their most treasured parts of their destination.

How much effort is required to clap your hands? How much does it cost to type “thank you” in a message?

When you receive things from others, how do you react? Do you say “thank you” only, or do you also send an email? Do you follow up with a phone call, or do you actually mail a handwritten note?

Part of our role in the hospitality business is to provide relentless service. It certainly is even more satisfying when you know it is appreciated! May you receive heartfelt thanks this week to know that what you do is truly appreciated.