Chips away!

Has it ever dawned on you if it’s good enough for Fido it’s good enough for your employees? 

A tech-savvy trend of micro-chipping employees has arrived and it’s taking place at a work center in Stockholm Sweden. Staff members at Epicentre are having tiny RFID (radiofrequency identification) chips placed in the backs of their hands! Mirroring the size of a grain of rice, the chip provides access to the building, the copier and even allows staff members to buy their lunch from the café downstairs!

The microchip technology is voluntary but many of the employees who have opted “in” are hooked on technology in their everyday life. On the day of the company’s official opening in a new building, the developer’s chief executive proved his point by being chipped live on stage. The “optional” insertion is done by a tattoo artist who plants the chip between the thumb and index finger and, although there is an element of pain, it’s quick!

With card-swiping becoming a thing of the past as more and more desire to get intimate with technology (and without the fuss of pins and passwords) simply touching something with your hand appears to be the next tech-attraction.

I get the future is now but I can’t help but wonder if the human chip trend will venture into a Google or a Facebook chip? No doubt, these sophisticated human chips will eventually replace wearable technology, as well as payment devices, but whether it becomes culturally acceptable to insert technology beneath our skin in the workplace is another matter. 

Would you opt to be chipped for the reasons above in the workplace?