Change is our only constant

Change is our only constant

If you focus on the familiar, you will be left behind. I love listening to speakers at conferences for no other reason than to hear that one well turned phrase encapsulate a significant idea: the idea that doing nothing or, more importantly, believing in maintaining the comfortable, is the quickest road to extinction.

I see this every day. Even in the face of declining restaurant sales or profits, nothing is done due to the fear of change. If you are not winning, you are losing; and something must change. Sales may be too low, profits may not be there or near disappearing, and the reality is that you are doing something wrong regardless of how successful you have been in the past without changing a thing.

Great ideas are seldom earth shattering, rather, they are insightful. As we are still ensconced in this period of recovery that is perilously close to a continued recession, the reality of the familiar being a seduction, not a solution, is even more true today. Ideas and, ultimately, decisions are being scrutinized more carefully, often prolonging any progress. I suppose that is what differentiates conservatives from non-conservatives.

It feels as if now we are at the point of converging waves of trends. With more technology we have more knowledge, but with that comes more crap to sort through and separate the truth from more, well, crap.

There are more individual definitions and selections: am I Armani, or GAP or an urban metro sexual, or a (fill in the blank)? I am labeled, studied and evaluated; Google knows everything I shop for and anticipates what I would like next. Standing still seems not to be an option.  Progress, these days, is not measured in menu adjustments. Progress is a result of the rapidity at which small changes are made and the realization that change really is the only constant.