Change is in the air

I was recently on the East Coast for a re-concept Puccini Group is doing for a major hotel flag. We were tasked with putting together a concept strategy report and redesigning the interior, and now we are working on the operations and marketing for the re-launch of the restaurant. This has been a labor of love for our Concept, Design and Operations Studios for the past two years.

I only preface this post with what we are doing because as you can imagine, a change is on the horizon. A big change.

The biggest change? The concept.

Having been involved in every step of the process from concept to completion, I noticed something different about this project that can sometimes pose a challenge.

The client gets it — the good news. They understand that with the change of the concept comes a change of everything else. Collateral, logo, uniform, tabletop, food, interior design, website, social media and mobile website must be addressed and budgeted for in order to be competitive in any restaurant scene, regardless of city.

It’s really important that if you are thinking about undergoing a renovation or introducing a new F&B outlet in your hotel you really sit down and ask yourself, “What will I need to be successful?” The answer is not just one item, but all of them working in tandem. Remember, in order to change you actually have to!

(Speaking of change, check out Puccini Group’s new website, which we just launched!)