Cappuccino is for closers

Cappuccino is for closers

The 1992 movie “Glengarry Glen Ross” has become famous for  many in the business of selling. One of the most notable lines is from a skinny Alec Baldwin who announces that “Coffee is for Closers”, meaning those people not booking business should not enjoy nor deserve the hot beverage.

In the world of hospitality sales, the approach for selling is not quite as direct (or obnoxious). If you are a leader, what types of recognition are you providing for your team?  If you are a sales person, what types of things will motivate you?


Recently, I announced to my current team that if we made our Quarter 2 goals, I would take the entire group to have paddle boat races at the lake by our office.  Someone came up to me and said that although they appreciated the idea, it would not really motivate them.  My lesson learned: don’t assume that an incentive will work just because it was your idea.


I sat with the team and we developed a new contest themed around the FIFA World Cup.  We have several huge soccer fans in our group.  Together we created a theme in which goals would be awarded for signed contracts and proposals.  Below is a photo of the prize table.

If you were curious, unlike the real FIFA World Cup finals, the Netherlands have a 5 to 3 goal advantage.  Motivate your team with things that will truly excite them, not things that you think will excite them.