Cannabis lights up as next wellness trend

It is that time of year when everyone releases their respective industry trends for the New Year. While most of the time there is minimal overlap of respective trends, this year the vast majority of the wellness industry trend reports from Finder, Mindbodygreen, Skift and Well and Good, plus publications such as SmartBrief and USA Today, all have one trend – CBD, or cannabis, as a major trend. 

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CBDs (or cannabidiol, the non-hallucinogenic compound that comes from the cannabis plant and is known for its potential calming effect) have been one of the most talked-about wellness products and trends for the past several years, and it is getting more and more attention the industry grows and as more states legalize it.

My home state of Arizona, which has legalized medical marijuana, recently announced that it experienced a 42% increase in marijuana sales from 2017 to 2018. Now, in 2019, it could potentially become the most-used wellness product. That’s thanks in part due to the recent passing of the Farm Bill, which will make it easier for farmers to grow hemp (a type of cannabis) and removes hemp from the federal controlled substances list.

Cannabis/marijuana and CBDs are now an accepted treatment for many ailments and chronic medical conditions, such as nausea, epileptic seizures, multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, chronic pain and HIV and cancer wasting syndrome. It is also known to reduce anxiety and assist with insomnia.

Personally, I have friends that use CBDs to assist with pain and anxiety and believe that as more people have friends and relatives who use these products, CBDs will continue to become more accepted and therefore more mainstream.

While cannabis is being talked about as a trend, it really has now evolved from a trend to an accepted option to treat many health issues, and new uses for CBDs are continually coming to light. These products are going to quickly become part of the normal offerings in spas, restaurants and other various locations throughout our properties.

Spafinder, in its trends for 2019, says that in the year ahead, look for more micro-dosing to treat pain and anxiety, more spa-like dispensaries and cannabis clubs, more topical products and more cannabis tourism.

USA Today, in a recent article, stated that chefs across the country said cannabis-infused food and drinks are the top two dining trends they expect to see unfold in 2019, although we’re not talking about food that will get you “high” – these are products made with CBD that enthusiasts say offers health benefits while tempting the palate.

According to Skift, 2019 will bring a wave of CBD-infused products, including everything from food and beverages to beauty and spa treatments – practically every industry will try to find a way to incorporate the “it” wellness ingredient. The Spa at The Logan Hotel in Philadelphia, for example, just launched CBD treatments, including a CBD body and scalp massage, as well as CBD manicures and pedicures. “I’ve worked with a variety of CBD oils and salves and have found that there is a profound holistic state of relaxation that begins almost immediately when used alongside massage and reflexology treatments,” said Lanez Perry, The Logan Hotel’s spa director.

I look forward to seeing where this trend goes and how our industry will be creative in its wellness journey, both in the United States and abroad.