Can less make more?

About six weeks into the New Year, and plenty of resolutions to eat healthier likely have gone by the wayside. However, I recently read an interesting article in the New York Times that suggests smaller portions and more nutritious dishes on restaurant menus can be about more than appealing to diners’ virtuous sides.

The story provided examples such as pizza chain Sbarro, which debuted a 270-calorie “skinny slice” with a different cheese mix and more vegetables to coincide with New Year’s dieting resolutions. Now, however, the slice is outselling all varieties except cheese and pepperoni, and Sbarro is considering making it a permanent menu addition.

There’s also the example of chicken chain Wing Zone, which recently added “Skinny Dippers” — fried chicken breast nuggets without breading — as both a healthier choice for diners as well as a way to cope with the rising price of chicken wings. Wing Zone also might make Skinny Dippers a regular menu item if their success continues.

With so much news about unhealthy eating and its deadly impacts, especially in the United States, it was refreshing to read a report that people might actually be choosing foods with a more positive dietary impact, especially when eating out. It lends credence to the many hotel F&B offerings geared toward healthier dining. Because after all, eating nutritious and delicious food should hardly be an activity limited to the month of January.