Bubbles and ukuleles

What would a clown prescribe for you today? 

A recent weekend’s Folk Life Festival on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., featured the theme surrounding “circus life.”

A group of four “clowns,” not dressed in amusement attire, spoke during one of the sessions about what they are doing to help kids. Several of them were certified as “medical clowns,” and they pursued their passions of making sick kids happy.

Their favorite tools were “bubbles and ukuleles,” and with this, they could change the attitude, alter the attention, and delight children who were in hospitals and their families.

One person shared a song to bring happiness to the room, and another ditty that was more soothing to provide relaxation. Another clown displayed musical instruments that had been made from hospital-related items such as a syringe, a stethoscope and a bed pan.

These certified “medical clowns” were able to prescribe certain things like music, magic or juggling, based on the needs of the kids. Brilliant!

To see their passion in helping others was remarkable. They received satisfaction and found their life’s purpose when they experienced the “ricochet” during their demonstrations, meaning that not only the children were amused and entertained, but their family members were, too.

What are you prescribing for your team members today? What do they need?

What are you offering your customers today? What will keep their attention and retain their loyalty?

MPD: Prescribe fun.