BTW, good morning

BTW, good morning

“Contact my client right away, send 10 brochures, revise the contract and make sure our luncheon is confirmed for noon today. Thx!”

How many times have you sent your first email of the day on Monday morning without really taking the time to be polite and considerate of your colleagues? Notice that the email does not offer a greeting of good morning, nor does it inquire about the person’s weekend and, finally, concludes with an abbreviated “thanks.” 

I read an article years ago that stated one of the greatest questions a leader can ask his team members on a Monday morning to motivate them for a challenging week is, “How was your weekend?” This sincere caring, in today’s hectic world, is now what sets great leaders apart from others.

I still find myself on busy days writing very direct, impersonal messages via email only to hit the backspace key to correct my mistake.

By the way, did I ask you how your day was going today?