Brain washing

Brain washing

We wash our hair — why not our brains? Nothing wrong with a little brain washing now and then … you might say it could clean up an old act.  

Research tells us how we experience life and who we are has only to do with how we think. It goes on to state that how we think is a function of a bunch of neurological responses to perceived or unperceived stimuli that, over time — like a well-worn rut — set up ongoing brain patterns. We’d like to think we have more say in the matter of what we think, but just talk to your neighborhood neuroscientist — it’s mostly brain patter.

It is for this reason I suggest we all wash our brains to clear out old patterns that maybe weren’t even yours to begin with. If you are lucky, join a company who is invested in a culture you love and have a group wash.

Culture is NOT a “sissy” word. To understand the value of a great culture and how to amass it is to take your business to a whole new level. Culture is the mindset that is at play even when the boss is sleeping. It’s the difference between “I must sparkle up this guestroom” and the attitude of “So? It’s only one hair in the tub …” For leaders, the first rinse in a brain wash will demonstrate that how you think the culture is playing out “in the field” when sitting at the corporate office or in the general manager suite is not what’s really going on. 

Culture is at the heart of the very language and behavior of the people to whom you pay $10 or so an hour. Culture, then, is your bottom line. If companies realized the importance of creating a culture in which talent may flourish, not only will you attract customers like bees to honey, but you also will not bleed your human capital.  

Every discussion with my clients begins like this: “Our business focus is sales, marketing, training and trimming margins.” After they go through the Culture Tunnel with me, the new discussion begins with, “Understanding the intrinsic value of culture on cash flow and how to get there gave us a whole new field to play in.”  

If you were to look around and say three adjectives about your culture, what would they be? What would you like them to be? Culture is the missing link …

“Who moved my link?”

A brain wash is a clean space in which to perceive new ideas. Pass the shampoo …