Blinded by the light

Blinded by the light

You can learn a lot about someone simply by the colors they wear and a business by the colors it projects. We all have our own personal taste when it comes to color, but think about the psychology behind those who wear or work within an earthy shade environment (the beige people), and I’m sure you’ll agree they prefer to blend in, maintain a calm aura and conduct themselves in a mild-mannered way. 

On the flip side, those who wear bright colors more than likely don’t mind standing out, being the focal point or striking up a conversation. Bright colors get noticed, and let’s face it, colors make people happy, which is why intensified colors haven’t faded since hitting the scene in 2010. We want it. We need it.

As we enter a festive, upbeat period in the summer months, trend experts deem “a transition” is occurring where the current generation of a given trend is amplified instead of being replaced by something unrelated. The nice run bright colors have enjoyed will now be transcending into neons (yes, NEON) — and not the blinding fluorescent hues of yesterday, but a brighter, bolder relative. 

Moving ahead in 2012, “tread lightly,” because one too many of these shades can have your home, hotel or business resembling a radioactive fruit bowl! Instead, tone colors down by partnering with dusty hues or patterns, possibly a chevron- or pucci-inspired design. Start bypassing on the safe dark brown pairings and opt for soft butter rum, as it’s a fresh, safe combo for smaller dark guestrooms. Also, don’t invest in too many expensive pieces. Jump in this vibrant bandwagon without spending a fortune. 

The neon wave is popping up everywhere. Fuchsia, Pantone’s top choice for 2012 furnishings and interior spaces, has entered the countertop appliance world, making cooking playful. 

Menswear designers saturated the fall runways with blinding hues for young men’s active wear. 

Meanwhile, a kaleidoscope of surprising colors including electric blue, bell-pepper red and lemon yellow are hitting the automotive assembly lines. 

Even muralists are exhibiting work in the blinding trend, leading me to believe that saturating one area with one color is not the best in trend management. 

Don’t overdo it, but have fun. Be happy. Mix ’n’ match and enjoy this brightness, because it’s a throwback to some really happy times. Neon is definitely the new color on the block!