Bleeding capital

Recently, I was speaking with someone I have coached now and then in hospitality. She is a relatively new, committed and very talented front office manager. She called to tell me she was leaving for another job. Based upon her primary reasons, I flashed back to a few of my earlier experiences with bosses when I was up and coming in the industry. As usual, this applies to every industry.When we lose talent, it is akin to bleeding capital. We can deny this only because it doesn’t show up on the balance sheet. 

In this spirit, a poem was born.

Ode to a Former Boss

You never acknowledged me in the hall.
You never knew my name at all.
I listened to every word you said.
Ramp up the rate, put heads in bed.

I came in on holidays and helped park cars.
I handed out thank-yous and candy bars
To all the people you never knew
And they didn’t know what to think of you.

I sang your praises and interpreted your rants.
I ran your errands and pressed your pants.
I bought gifts for your wife, and the other one.
I booked the flights for your daughter and son. 

I worked the weekends for a perfect sell.
I dealt with all the guests from hell.
I only wish you stopped to say
Thanks for all you did today. 

And now I must be moving on
Though you will never know I’m gone.
I have learned so much in spite of you
I know forever what not to do.

Don’t leave the care of talent to another. Acknowledgement goes straight to the bottom line.