‘Bleasure’ and ‘dinnertainment’

What new terms have you heard lately that apply to our industry? Have you heard anyone use “Uber” as a verb now? Only a few years ago the company did not even exist.

Recently, I’ve learned a few innovative words and may just try to begin to incorporate them into my daily dialogue:

  • “Bleasure”: The practice of combining business and leisure trips. A traveler may need to be in a destination for business but extend the trip in order to experience more leisure-related activities — always good for length of stay. Is your hotel promoting local activities to your business guests?
  • “Dinnertainment”: When dining becomes more than eating. Actually, a friend of mine accidentally said this before realizing it was a perfect term for salespeople that talk business while having dinner.
  • “Gamification”: A process used to change buying behavior by motivating individuals with achievement levels and rewards, often with games and activities.

I’m looking forward to learning new expressions via your comments below.