Black matte shines

Should have, could have, would have … but didn’t! I could kick myself for not reporting this “trend hunch” several months ago, because today, it has become apparent! Black matte anything is here, and before it fades into a level of mainstream deemed too late to report, I wanted to get the update to you while it was still causing market static!

Smack in the midst of the lengthy bright and neon color trend wave, basic black has seeped back into our lives, and in this chapter, it’s anything but basic with its iteration as “matte.” Before we take a trek through some examples, please note this gothic take on black has already hit appliances, accessories, vehicles, furnishings, kitchenware and, of course, every imaginable fashion sector.

How and why, you ask? After all, black has transcended time, making its mark on almost every style, whether traditional, contemporary or modern. Well, this round of black is not about infusing just any black. You may have noticed the dull black finishes on cars over the past couple of years (which often resemble a coat of primer). And you’ve probably heard me preach to the choir about this, but the reason I keep an eye out on the automotive industry and what is trending on cars is that several industries have a tendency to follow suit about three years later. Think about it. Several years ago we were seeing bright-hued cars such as electric blue and yellow, and now, the same bright hues have been adopted in almost every facet of retail.

In fact, dare I say matte black has actually moved into the design world and put a damper on stainless steel? Matte black appliances are actually the new take on classic appliances, and the trend is crossing over at an alarming rate into fixtures, sinks, hardware, flatware, fashion, jewelry and beauty.

The Swatch Art Peace Hotel, built last year in Shanghai’s Xuhui District and known for its gothic architecture, selected the bathroom tub as its take on the black matte trend.

In Los Angeles, meanwhile, the SLS Hotel followed the trend in the tone of a theme used in one of its smaller meeting rooms. (Which happens to be adjacent to a white meeting room!)

Remember, if you’re interested in staying a step ahead of the game, when in doubt, take a look at what’s trending in cars. In fact, I would be intrigued to hear what you think will be the next big trend in automotive. Possibly chrome? Whitewall tires? Or something retro like the return of wood on the side panels? Please share so we can get prepared for what could very well be next on the trend horizon!